Governance is important, but unless you start out with a really clear vision, it might be hard to get everyone on the same page. People join projects at various times and when the project is small, governance is often not a top priority. Governance usually becomes a priority ex-post, or when a project is already in full implementation. So how do you get agreement and a common understanding on the governance of your codebase? If it wasn't already clear, chances are that people will have different views on what the status quo is. And if discussions are started based on different premises, misunderstandings are bound to happen. That is why we created the Governance Game. The Governance Game ( is a fun way to explore how organisations can maintain shared and collaborative open content together. It can help you and your community to start talking about various aspects of governance, and highlight potential pitfalls. In this session we'll show you a few different ways of how you can use this game to enhance your project.


FOSS Backstage 2021
Lightning Talk