Sarah Novotny
FOSS Strategy

Sarah has long been an Open Source champion in projects such as Kubernetes, NGINX and MySQL. She is part of the Microsoft Azure Office of the CTO, sits on the Linux Foundation Board of Directors, previously led an Open Source Strategy group at Google and ran large scale technology infrastructures before web-scale had a name.

She is an Industry-recognized authority on Open Source culture, and a big picture thinker who developed governance for, and grew the Kubernetes open source project leadership while also representing Google during the founding of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

Additionally, she has represented both Google and Microsoft on the Linux Foundation Board of Directors. During her tenure at Google as a Node.js Foundation Director Sarah led a merger between the Node.js Foundation and the JS Foundation.

Sarah led Developer Relations and Marketing for NGINX where she was responsible for technical evangelism, advocacy, and traditional marketing. In these roles, she regularly participated in board level strategic discussions.

Sarah is a technology executive with pioneering leadership in open source, cloud computing, infrastructure automation, and big data. Her more than 25 year career demonstrates entrepreneurial spirit – consistently leading technical operations and development teams as well as engaging in external facing work such as Developer Relations, Marketing, Sales Engineering, Customer Success, PR and Public Speaking.