Asynchronous Collaboration

The first external person contributing to our project is amazing, but when that 1 snowballs to 1,000 life can get a little bit stressful. All of these fine lovely people want to help, but somehow no one seems to want to deal with code reviews, proposed documentation changes, or keeping your testing infrastructure alive, or maybe they just want to pull in different directions.

This talk explores what happens as a community grows and provides recommendations to organize your community. We’ll focus on how to control the fun chaos and how to build a development path that keeps your comitters engaged and your community growing. All of these are based on the speakers’ experiences in their own personal projects (which have much less than 1k contributors) as well as larger projects, like Apache Spark.

Come for the being told it’s not your fault, stay for the techniques to avoid pissing everyone off.


If one of the speakers is behind on reviewing one of your pull requests she is sorry and would like to offer you a sticker and hope this talk explains some of why she is late.


FOSS Backstage 2018