Adapting to the "new normal" of defaulting to working from home, while simultaneously providing care - or schooling - for children, elders and other family members, all whilst attempting to maintain our own career success and preserve our mental health in the face of enormous stressors has been -- well, let's be honest, it has been sucktastic. 

In this presentation, I will do some real talk about love during Coronazeit: love for our families, love for ourselves, and how to best show empathy to our colleagues who are somehow making it work under near-impossible circumstances. I will also discuss the disproportionate struggles of professional women during the pandemic, and how the increased demand for 'emotional labor' in these times has led to increased burnout, flight of women from the workforce, and limitations to women's future career growth opportunities. 

Audience members will leave with a greater understanding of small ways they can each provide better care to themselves and their communities. We are all in this together and can only prosper when we are committed to mutual support.


FOSS Backstage 2021