Asynchronous Collaboration

We all have stressors in life, and they have been profound with the challenges the COVID19 pandemic has brought forth. How are we responding to these stressors? A larger question to ask, ‘is it the leader’s responsibility to foster self-care at work to address this burnout epidemic?” In this presentation we talk about burnout, define self care with science backed strategies to build resilience in teams.

Participants will learn about burnout, the benefits of support and elements of self care.
Participants will learn what empathy is, and how regulate emotions in their daily lives.
Participants will learn about the science of well-being and how a positive mindset is proven to benefit workplace productivity, engagement and bottom line earnings.
Participants will receive training in mindset development with mental exercises.

Defining Self Care
Components of Culture
Emotional Regulation
Studies in happiness, resilience & well-being
Mental training exercises


FOSS Backstage 2021